Leaving the Bridge to Guard itself.

Stills from a little video taken with a digital still camera ( are you still following this?) by my friend Henriette when she visited.

Will leave the bridge guard itself while I am off to The Netherlands for 2 weeks. Won't be able to post during that time, but I will make up for it when I came back with many images from carnival celebrations in Maastricht. I am going there to film. If I am lucky I will find the footage I am hoping to find. The last time I was there was about 25 years ago (gosh am I that old?). I am going dressed for the occasion, which will filming others easier I hope. better get back to stitching my costume together. Bye!

Showering Sunshine

Digital image: broken outdoor shower at the thermal pools in Sturovo, saved by the blue sky.

Exhibition opening is tonight, will be interesting to see the response from the local community. On Monday I will leave for The Netherlands for two weeks, till then busy making my outfit for carnival in Maastricht which is next weekend. Each town celebrates carnival in it's own way. Maastricht is well-known for the trouble people go through to dress-up and paint their faces. Just the excuse I needed. I am having fun stitching together my outfit and that of companion; my hand puppet (no idea where he/she suddenly came from). I have no plan for the outfit, just bought fabric and some $2 shop items and started cutting and shaping, leaving the design to my fantasy/shadow or whatever needs to be expressed at this moment.

I see

I look differently when I have a camera in my hand. On a dull, gray winter's day, I struggle to see beauty in this town. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I went out with my camera and took 354 photos in a 2 hours period. Through the lens I see things differently, I look differently. I had a great time going through the town and finding visually interesting spots. Light (sun) and also the lack of light shows things in a different light. This outing reminded me that I can be very selective in how I interpret what I see, what values I choose to attach to what my eyes see. I know I have a choice every moment of the day. All I need is the will power to choose interpretations that foster positiveness, gratitude and love. Sometimes it helps to have a camera to focus.