Olympic Games

Monk in exile with dust mask, Boudha, Nepal.

I do not normally mention politics or sports on this site, not really my territory. Today close to Christmas and the start of a new year in which the summer Olympics will take place I want to make an exception.

Christmas is a festival associated with peace and the new year with hope for a better future. Who does not want either of those? Some people want it not only for one holiday or festival, they want it for generations to come. Will all those who watch, attend and participate in the upcoming Olympics in China remember? Can we remain silent when we know a bully is at work, destructing the soul of a nation? How can we make a difference?

I heard His Holiness The Dalai Lama respond to the question if he would be in favour for a boycott of any kind against China. His response was that he did not want to hurt the Chinese people. Naming an issue and making it known to those who offend against fellow humans can be a powerful tool of transformation without violence or causing hurt in any way.

The Chinese are very sensitive to public opinion and support, or at least pretend to be so. Maybe it is an opening for bringing awareness to their attention and constructive dialogue.

May peace prevail on earth.

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