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In memory of Amy Szostak

Amy Szostak (1975-2009)

For about 5 years along with Chris Barrand and Brooke Dallimore
I supported Amy with her art practice.
The first time Amy came into the studio of Art Compass she screamed!
Angy at people who patronised her.
Soon we gained her confidence and trust,
With that Amy’s amazing artistic journey began.
Just before Art Compass closed
We managed to round off Amy’s Raidar the Viking story:
Under the title: Scream! Jorunn’s Saga
It went on air as a radio play in 2006.

The story is really a kind of autobiography,
A collection of the complex parts that made up Amy.
Every character in the story IS a part of Amy,
A realised part, or a part she aspired to.
Simultaneously all characters were modeled on real people,
And the imagined and real relationships with them
She illustrated her story skillfully in her unique style.
She created well over 100 pieces,
A collection worth preserving
A collection worthy to be included in national archives of New Zealand!

Amy was a unique (outsider) artist, singer, songwriter, composer and writer
She called herself "Special Star" as she hated the label "special needs"
Amy was indeed a special star.
She sought fame, First of all for herself
But also with a much bigger goal in mind
She wanted recognition, fame, happiness and success for all those
who are marginalized because they live with a disability of sorts.
She was an advocate, a fighter,
Sadly her body gave up
Before her lively spirit completed its mission

Amy, it was a great privilege to work with you.

Click HERE and you will be taken to Amy's story. You can listen to the radio play or read the script.