This Drawing Looks Intelligent: The video

You can now view my award winning documentary "This Drawing Looks Intelligent" online.

Please click HERE to view.

The video is about art and people with intellectual disabilities, art as vocational choice, communication and cultural expression. An accompanying paper with the same name by clicking HERE.

A 'Scipt' in Progress.

At the time of the assassination (of the Royal Nepalese Family)
Some 24 hours earlier,
I was visiting Meggie restaurant in Kathmandu
Where something urged me
To adopt
Orphaned paintings by Teo Baba,
A dead man I never knew
Embedded in them like DNA
Was his story of transformation,
Of life, death and rebirth
This all happened at a time
When I was more dead than alive
A strange coincidence...

Excerpt from 'Script', a documentary in progress by Marcel Baaijens.

I have created a separate page with Teo's story as I translated and edited it for my personal use. It is illustrated with images. Click HERE to visit the page now or click on the logo under 'Links' in the side bar at any time.