Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish is something I wanted to film while I was in Turkey, but it never happened. Two days ago I learned about a Mukabeleh happening just down the road from me and I was invited to come along with Adele a friend of my friend brenda. She needed footage and I had the camera, that in itself was exciting enough. On top of that we both were after similar footage, of the edge of the robes, soft, out of focus, kind of abstract. So off we went. Below is a short clip from the evening, without sound ( on purpose).

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust” Rumi.

Amersfoort 750

Marcel at age 2.5 in his medieval outfit.

On the 12 June 2009 it is 750th anniversary of home town Amersfoort, The Netherlands. In 1959 the city was 700 years old, I was only 2.5. I still remember attending festivities of people dressed in medieval clothes. My parents had Vespa Scooters and belonged to the local Vespa club.  I love this old city, as a kid I was fascinated almost obsessed. After 6 pm traffic was so minimal that I was allowed to ride my little bike to the city centre (1 KM). I would ride around in circles on the cobbled streets, couldn't get enough of it. The last year I lived in The Netherlands I was fortunate enough to live in a 16th century attick within the old city walls, loved it!

Marcel on his first bike.

I was told that the city of Amersfoort was rather strict and that Sundays were stricly reserved for rest and church, no other activities allowed. Citizens with costumes were encouraged to wander the old city in their costumes so that tourists would not find a boring deserted city.

Below is a short news reel from 1959.

More old footage.