Sounds of Silence

Old fashioned drafting.

It has been quiet on my blog, little to say, little time to post and my camera died, so no new images to share. Bogged down in survival mode, resettling back in New Zealand for the last 18 months and battling bureaucracy of the city while trying to get building permission for a small eco house on a tricky site. I am still working on my film in the little spare time I have.

It does not mean I achieved little. I have grown in my new job as a mentor at The Learning Connexion, a private tertiary art school, the largest art school in New Zealand. It is through this school I am returning to a line of work that I am very passionate about; facilitating the creative process, specially for people with intellectual disabilities. I have received a research grant and I am determined to make tertiary art education accessible for this population. But first... a well deserved and much needed break, a trip to Europe that will be a family visit, a holiday and research combined. I will visit The Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain and visit a few art centres for artists with intellectual disabilities. I look forward to being creative again myself, dip my toes in the ocean and experience different cultures.

Time for new horizons and enjoying my new camera.