To Christmas or not to Christmas, that is the question.

Somehow Christmas triggers experiences of utter disconnection in me.
Possibly because it is a time set aside for, among many things, the coming together of people.
A time of year I feel disconnected from everything and everyone more than at any other time. It is a life-long experience, cyclical in nature, tuned in with the coming and going of seasons, solstices, years, birthdays. A sacred season turned silly season by cultures that have lost the skill of marking time (rituals). Hallow times of being have turned into hollow and shallow times of doing. I long for a change and right there, in that moment of longing hits the experience of disconnection. I look at the communities around me, what people say and do, what they don't say and don't do and what I would like to do. Contemporary Christmas seems to scatter any notion of community. "What is it that you want?" you will no doubt wonder. A sense of being connected is all I want for Christmas, as such a sense will bring with it peace, inner peace and world peace.

Till then I will be riding out the tidal wave of the silly season.

To give you a glimpse of what my sense of connection could be I have enclosed a video clip I found this morning.
I like the story told in the last minute of this video.
May peace be with you.

Neva Murtha, somewhere off the coast of Canada.
By Charisse Baker, copied as per creative commons.