I highly recommend watching this movie (free download), it is long, but you can pause, and continue later, the movie remembers where you paused (scary eh!). It is a very slik movie, comes across as a bit evangelical in style, but I recommend you allow yourself to get passed that and look at the content and make up your own mind. I met someone in France 2 weeks ago who has invented a devise that makes free, pollution free, energy. Can you begin to imagine the consequences of that for our lives, our environment, everyone and everything!

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
Visit for more information on THRIVE. THRIVE uses the Yekra player technology.  See for more information.

Sympathic vibrations

‘Bouzouki’ Orhan Osman and the Amsterdam Klezmer band. A great cross cultural concert in Rotterdam, Holland. My soul laps up the sympathic vibrations of traditional EU/Dutch music, of just walking around old cities, of the myriad of languages, of the (re) connections family and friends. It is so important to me as it makes me whole. As a globalite I know I need to travel from time to time to the many places and people I love. There will never be one place that will fully equate to a sense of 'home' as for me home is in so many localitie with so many people that live in as many places. Owning an airline would help :).

The following research into an inclusive art educational methodology was published in February 2012.
Please click here to go to the Ako Aotearoa wbsite where the findings are published in downloadable PDF format.